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Providing Pre-construction and commercial construction services for efficient and highly functioning data center projects has been a mainstay for Ondra-Huyett since the beginning. Since 1999, Ondra-Huyett has constructed over 350,000 square feet of raised access floor and supporting infrastructure. Whether were building for the storage of information, ongoing production computing, or handling countless communication calls a day, Ondra-Huyett has a proven track record in providing a high-end facility you can count on.

    Experts in Commercial Construction Management

All commercial construction projects have their own unique challenges, and data center projects take these challenges to a whole new level.  It takes an experienced team who is familiar with all aspects of construction to accomplish a complex project. Specifically, Ondra-Huyett has advanced experience with electrical and mechanical systems with varying levels of redundancy to successfully design and build data center projects.

When renovating an existing data center or mission critical facility, stringent protocols for construction are essential. The logistics of these protocols require expert planning and timing to ensure there is no adverse effect to ongoing operations. To this end, our large building construction teams understand, and document well thought out “Methods of Procedure” (MOPs) prior to executing any work. MOP’s are a step-by-step sequence of actions to be executed by our construction managers and builders to perform a critical component of an installation. Whether building a new facility or renovating an existing facility, Ondra-Huyett has the right team for every type of job!

Data Centers/Mission Critical Facilities


“DBSi has now successfully completed mission critical projects with the Ondra-Huyett Team across all three of its sites, with TekPark being the most complex and aggressive. OHA has proven their worth to the DBSi business again and again and their efforts on the TekPark project were nothing short of outstanding. We would strongly recommend OHA to any prospective client.”

- William A. Bachenberg, CEO, DBSI

ABC Excellence in Construction Awards

  • Tierpoint Valley Forge IDI DC Expansion
  • XAND - Valley Forge 3DI DC Expansion
  • DBSi Data Center, TekPark Phase 1 DC
  • DBSi Data Center, Bethlehem

Other Notable Data Center & Mission Critical Projects

  • MCI / Worldcom
  • Hartford Insurance
  • Lehigh University
  • Famous Smoke Shops
  • Voicestream Communications
  • Buckeye Pipeline

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