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Ondra-Huyett Sponsors IFMA Event-UV Sanitation Light • UV-C Light Disinfection

Experts discuss multiple technologies associated with germicidal ultra-violet (UV-C) lighting and their relative effectiveness. Watch discussion on applicable UV-C product types and appropriate use cases for each type. Learn how these products can make battling COVID19 and other pathogen easier at your facility. Virtual event held on September 21, 2021.

View full webinar

Ondra-Huyett Supports Tradesmen International with Testimonial

GC Connections | Ondra Huyett Associates Inc.

Blue Book GC Connection interview with Ondra-Huyett Associates.

Ondra-Huyett Sponsors Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber Healthcare Summit

2020 Virtual Healthcare Summit, Stepping Out of the COVID19 Shadows: Making Your Mental Health a Priority.

Ondra-Huyett Associates is pleased to be a sponsor of this valuable Healthcare Summit and discussion on dealing with the mental challenges of a unique period in history and how to deal with new everyday situations.

Click link below to view the entire Summit.


Ondra-Huyett Sponsors Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber Energy & Environment Summit

The Lehigh Valley Energy & Environment Committee presents Protecting Your Business and Bottom Line from Climate Change

  • Session 1: Coming Attractions: How Tackling Climate Change Will Affect Your Business!
  • What to watch for as rules and regulations change.
  • Additional financial obligations you expect your business to face.
  • How will climate change sentiment add to the cost of services?


  • Session 2: Adapting to Climate Change: Taking Action Can Turn Risk into Competitive Advantage
  • How to adapt your business to new regulations
  • Creating new opportunities to market your business as “earth friendly”
  • Selling to new demographic of buyer

View event here – https://youtu.be/jqqUw0Kff30


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