Limited Scope

It is not always a massive commercial construction project or complex addition our clients need. We are pleased to provide what most major commercial construction management companies will not – services for limited scope or special emergency projects. If you choose, we can provide you with an ongoing building maintenance program. Our dedicated internal team includes experienced Project Managers and highly skilled tradesmen that deliver the same level of service no matter what scope your project requires.

These services provide companies an opportunity to get to know us and makes it easy for current clients to maintain consistency in their buildings. Proving once again, we are versatile, invaluable and always the right company for the job.

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American Red Cross

From disaster recovery to health and safety training, the American Red Cross (ARC) has long been the authority in emergency response. OHA gladly accepted the mission to renovate the former Cetronia Ambulance Center building to provide the local chapter of the 135-year-old organization with a new home for its critical operations, while remaining mindful of its important budgetary concerns.

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Victaulic Board Room

They're a global leader in the production of mechanical pipe joining solutions used in the world’s most demanding markets. And with sales spanning more than 140 vastly different countries, Victaulic is a company that consistently meets highly specific business needs. So are we.

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