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Industrial Construction Projects & Data Centers

Ondra-Huyett provides both pre-construction, construction and post construction services during our industrial construction projects. Constructing highly functioning facilities for a variety of industries has been a mainstay of Ondra-Huyett since the beginning. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high-end facility that you and your employees can count on for a lifetime. Our collaborative team produce a cohesive plan to build an environment that creates a productive and efficient completed product.

Warehouse Buildings | Mission Critical Facilities | Manufacturing | Data Centers

Industrial construction includes warehouse buildings, mission critical facilities, engineering buildings, office buildings and much more. We have an in-depth consultation with you and your team to understand your needs and expectations of the project. Our specialized teams construct buildings that handle an ongoing production infrastructure. Special elements of design are utilized to create a cohesive floor plan for optimum efficiency and workflow.

Data Centers

All commercial construction projects have their own unique challenges, and data center projects take these challenges to a whole new level.  It takes an experienced team who is familiar with all aspects of construction to accomplish a complex project. Specifically, Ondra-Huyett has advanced experience with electrical and mechanical systems with varying levels of redundancy to successfully design and build data center projects.

When renovating an existing data center or mission critical facility, stringent protocols for construction are essential. The logistics of these protocols require expert planning and timing to ensure there is no adverse effect to ongoing operations. To this end, our large building construction teams understand, and document well thought out “Methods of Procedure” (MOPs) prior to executing any work. MOP’s are a step-by-step sequence of actions to be executed by our construction managers and builders to perform a critical component of an installation. Whether building a new facility or renovating an existing facility, Ondra-Huyett has the right team for every type of job!

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Providing Pre-construction and commercial construction services for efficient and highly functioning data center projects has been a mainstay for Ondra-Huyett since the beginning. Since 1999, Ondra-Huyett has constructed over 350,000 square feet of raised access floor and supporting infrastructure. Whether were building for the storage of information, ongoing production computing, or handling countless communication calls a day, Ondra-Huyett has a proven track record in providing a high-end facility you can count on.

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C.F. Martin & Co. Inc.

Founded in 1833 C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Is the oldest surviving guitar maker in the world and has been continuously family owned and operated, and built its global reputation for fine quality, one exceptional instrument at a time. We share C.F. Martin’s unbending commitment to excellence and are honored that the local icon has chosen Ondra-Huyett for not just one, but four major and several minor projects over the past 20 years.

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CENiX Inc.

CENiX Inc. is a startup company founding in 2000. It manufactures optoelectronic subsystems that translate electrical signals, sent from standard networks over copper lines, into light that travels on fiber-optic lines. It’s a complicated business that required 45,000 sq. ft. advanced technology facility, built by a smart partner, Ondra-Huyett.

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Famous Smoke Shop

It’s the leading American-owned online cigar retailer with more than 66,000 square foot of dedicated space, including a Cigar Bar and Lounge, corporate offices and 35,000 square foot of temperature controlled warehouse that’s been dubbed the world’s largest on-site humidor.

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A division of one of the largest global medical device manufacturers, B| Braun Medical Inc. (B| Braun) helps healthcare providers enhance safety and patient care while creating important workflow efficiencies. It is a business that requires attention to detail and the highest standards for quality, safety, sustainability, and efficiency – attributes we proudly share at Ondra-Huyett.

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Just Born Confection Connection Warehouse Renovations

Best known for the iconic status of PEEPS®, the yellow, chick-shaped marshmallow confection, Just Born Confection Connection found its sweet spot through the use of innovation. In fact, its founder was the first to use technology to produce the chocolate sprinkles known as Jimmies, the hard coating for ice cream bars and a machine to mechanically insert sticks into lollipops. So when the 87-year-old family-owned business went looking for a construction partner that could effectively collaborate with a global logistics group to create innovative solutions for its growing distribution needs, they chose Ondra-Huyett.

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