Founded in 1833 C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Is the oldest surviving guitar maker in the world and has been continuously family owned and operated, and built its global reputation for fine quality, one exceptional instrument at a time. We share C.F. Martin’s unbending commitment to excellence and are honored that the local icon has chosen Ondra-Huyett for not just one, but four major and several minor projects over the past 20 years.

C.F. Martin & Co. Inc.


Ondra-Huyett has helped C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. meet our changing needs in order to facilitate growth. The most recent projects had schedules that were all very aggressive and minimizing interruptions to production areas was paramount to the success of each individual project. OHA’s project manager and superintendent also worked diligently to maintain the integrity of Martin’s safety and security programs. Careful planning and coordination with Martin’s project management team and production personnel helped us achieve these goals on time and on budget.”

Fred Everett, Director of Materials Management, C.F. Martin & Co., Inc.

Award Winning Project

  • C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Façade Cladding Project
  • C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Museum & Visitors Center
  • C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Plant Expansion Project

Other Notable C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Projects

  • North Street Facility Renovation & Repairs
  • 1833 Shop
  • Cafeteria Renovations
  • 552 Fitout
  • Sound Room

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