The N2B project was the fourth major renovation completed by Ondra-Huyett Associates in the North Building. N2B is the lowest basement level at two levels below grade. The total floor area of N2B is 25,200 sq. ft. and had not seen any remodeling since the original build in the early seventies.

There were several driving forces for the renovation, first was to upgrade an aging infrastructure and secondly to provide its employees with a refreshing working environment that disquiets the reality of being in a basement level without windows or natural light. The design team addressed these issues through design which included custom murals, earth tone finishes, accent canopies, and cloud and sky light diffusers.

The project was broken into two phases. Phase one focused on the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). Once completed, this area would serve as a redundant command center in the event of a major power outage or severe weather disaster. Phase two was the remainder of the N2B space.

Due to the sub terrain location within the building, access for construction materials was limited by the narrow existing stair towers, small passenger elevators and a small freight elevator.

The project was delivered on time and within budget.

PPL N 2 B Renovations

Sq ft 25,200
Architect Fedetz & Martin Associates
Services Preconstruction / CM at Risk


“The results of the N2B renovation were outstanding, to say the least. OHA transformed office and other workspaces previously characterized as dungeon-like into well-functioning work areas that were open, warm and bright – to the delight of our employees. The project was completed with all critical systems up and running properly, on-time, on budget and most important – safely for both construction workers and our employees.”

- Robert F. Hoerner Jr., P.E., Project Manager – Facilities Management

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  • N 2 B Project – North Building Renovation

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