Tierpoint, the premier provider of data center services and IT infrastructure is nationally-known for its ability to protect the highly complex and sensitive information housed within its walls. Our relationship with the company developed through a previous owner, continued through the acquisition by XAND, Inc., and includes the build and expansion of three mission-critical centers in PA.

To effectively create the complex infrastructure for each of the proposed facilities, our experienced teams were strategically involved early in the pre-planning process, often before the design work even began.  The original project included commitments to hospital tenants to provide off-site computer data backup for medical records, making the completion date non-negotiable.  From the very beginning, the highly aggressive schedules were so well calculated, no overtime or weekend work was required – even by the 85 electricians on site at peak portions of the project. Installation of key components were staged to allow mission-critical operations to begin on time, while other components of the work continued.  And when the multi-million dollar project came to a close, it was within the Guaranteed Maximum Price and on schedule.

Our work continued with the companies, and more recently we collaborated with XAND engineers and project architect, as well as municipality and trade contractors to expand the existing Valley Forge facility.  Once again, we were involved early, accommodated every special request and finished the nine-month project on time and at budget.


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